The Criminal Act Of Having A Poor Employee Onboarding / Integration Experiences

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The criminal act of poor employee onboarding/ integration experiences  

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Here is your bi-weekly dose of “tip-trap-trick-thursday,” insights on how to digitally embed company culture. When an organisation spends significant time and resources hiring an employee and we then take them through an uninspiring employee onboarding/integration experience we let both the organisation and the new hire down. We lose the benefit of an employee experience with a significantly high ROI if done well and sabotage the opportunity to shape company culture and drive engagement.



TIPNot all employee experiences are equal, especially when it comes to employee onboarding / integration  and its ROI.

TRAPIt is easy to fall into the trap of merely digitizing the paper sign up process for new hires and call it progress for employee onboarding / integration.

TRICK:  Check out our 5 employee onboarding / integration  tricks that you can implement today.


TIP: Not all employee experiences are equal, especially when it comes to employee onboarding / integration  and its ROI.

Research shows us that during the first few weeks is when employees are making an engaged or disengaged decision. Getting it wrong on the onboarding makes it near impossible to shape culture, drive engagement and create change later on in the employee’s life cycle. The fact is, getting employee onboarding / integration right is cheap, easy and comes with an extremely high ROI – probably the highest ROI from any of the employee experiences. So, when companies spend millions and leadership time to get the right people and then let the organisation down by providing an employee onboarding / integration experience that doesn’t inspire, enable for the new role and connect the employee we are committing a crime.
TRAP: It is very easy to fall into the trap of just digitizing your paper sign up process and call that progress on your onboarding / integration experience.
We need to understand that not all employee experiences are equal. HR teams tend to think that by only automating the contract sign up process they have a world class onboarding experience, this is the trap. We need to move away from focusing on administrative processes and focus more on creating experiences that shape culture and engagement. Do not get me wrong I am not saying do not automate your forms, what I am saying is enhance your day 1 experience to 90 days first, then focus on admin automation. Remember your job as HR is to get people aligned to the culture and strategy, and we need to become experts here. Check how can culture be shaped –
TRICK: Check out our 5 employee onboarding / integration  tricks.
  1. Live it and they will believe it : It’s hard to drive a culture of innovation if the first experience of your company is going to be a death by PowerPoint experience. If you want to drive a culture of innovation then show employees how innovative you are by utilizing technology as part of your onboarding or people integration experience. And no this does not mean just automating the contract sighing process (see trap above)
  2. Networking : if your people integration experience is not networking new hires in the business then your process is failing the organisation. When we analyzed what made the biggest impact in employee integration projects,  clients networking was number 1.
  3. Leadership lunch/breakfast: Create a roster for the year for different leaders to attend either a lunch or breakfast
  4. Shift responsibility from the managers to the employees: What had the biggest impact with how we rolled out employee integration programs was shifting the responsibility from manager to employee. Instead of getting the manager to setup the initial meetings shift the responsibility to the employee. Asking the manager to be responsible for tasks in the onboarding experience is a sure way to fail but making the employee responsible guarantees success.
  5. Make it personal and impactfulWhile most companies don’t do enough there are a few that do too much with the best intention. There is nothing more draining than sitting in a 5 day generic group induction. Putting everyone into a room and giving them the same experience is also a sure way to disengage your new starters. We must create experiences that are impactful and short enough to engage.
P.S. — Remember to measure your success based on how well you inspire, enable for the role and connect new starters.
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