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Business Transformation Is A People Problem, Not A Strategy Problem

Transformations that successfully engage the Head, Hands & Heart

show a 96% improvement

(BCG Analysis) 

  • Head, Hands & Heart 33% 33%
  • Head, Hands & Heart 96% 96%

However the Hands and Heart are most neglected

  • Hands (Neglected) 44% 44%
  • Heart (Neglected) 25% 25%
  • Leadership off-sites often fail to cascade the strategy
  • Values workshops produce little to no culture change
  • Town-halls leave very  few employees inspired
  • E-learning results in poor information retention

80% of Transformations Fail to Meet their Promised Objectives & Metrics

Modern Strategies Require Modern Influence Tools

Can Technology Enable Organisations To Transform People Quicker?

"Nothing short of ground breaking and disruptive"

Novartis Executive

Use technology to maximise leadership influence

We enable leaders to create 1000s of orchestrated moves/ nudges in parallel across the organisation that get employees to act and change behaviour. 

Use technology to provide insights on your transformation

We enable leaders with data and insights on how every employee is interacting and changing with regards to your transformation journey.

Use technology to reduce effort and time

We enable leaders through automation and pre-defined experiences which connect with employees – this reduces effort and time required by leaders.

We get that transformation is difficult

We understand how it feels to have a great strategy but not see the results you expected. Our founding team are ex-management consultants that saw many great strategies fail to meet their promised results. Sadly workshops and roadshows never produced the change required to transform. We found that traditional best practices were not working anymore.

Once we figured that out, we were able to create a whole new way of executing a strategy. 

Numbers That Count


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Times Faster Execution

Companies That Trust Us

3 Steps To Accelerate You

Free Discovery Session

Here we identify your needs and create your Total Organisation Influence narrative.

Customised Blueprint

Here we create your customised execution Playbook for your transformation.

Let the automation begin!

Your customised execution Playbook gets put onto a digital platform to make it come alive.

People Say The Nicest Things



Digital SME

“The Strata Game Changers solution is one that sets itself  apart from
others in the market.”




“The work we are doing with Strata Game Changers is nothing short of ground breaking and disruptive.”




“Thank you for
your work done and the impact you assisted us
to create”

Our Guarantee

End-To-End Support

We provide you with end-to-end support from design to management and reporting.

Not A New System

Our solution integrates into leading digital systems to ensure your employees see this as an extension of your current enviroment as opposed to a new system.

Highest Security Standards

We provide you with independent security reports conducted by EY.

Creating The Business Case

We work with you to create the business case to demonstrate savings and impact.

Just a word of thanks for all the work you’ve done on the GVK experience. I’m extremely impressed, both with your product as well as the service delivery associated with that. You have an outstanding and innovative product and an equally outstanding support! Thanks for your dedication to creating a unique and wow experience.

Marlize, GVK Siya-Zama 

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